Join the Movement: Organizations Making Connections at the Nexus Summit

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
-Henry Ford

By Barbara Brandt

Barbara Brandt

It started at the National Center’s first Nexus Summit in 2016.  Frank Ascione, who directs the University of Michigan Interprofessional Education Center, contacted the National Center, suggesting that the Big Ten IPE Academic Alliance Group wanted to meet during the Nexus Summit.  They did, and in 2018, they will be back for their third year.  By all indications, they started a movement of alignment between organizations, groups, and the National Center, all centered on the unique meeting of the minds that is the Nexus Summit.

Groups that have met in conjunction with the Nexus Summit tell us that it benefits their own interprofessional collaboration.  They have focused time together to work on their own goals, such as promoting and strengthening IPE across Big Ten institutions, while surrounded by like-minded individuals. They find that they can condense thinking and discussion around education, policy, and best practices into a few days in order to be empowered with innovative strategies and solutions to advance their organizational goals.  So this year, other organizations representing different sectors of the field have taken advantage of the opportunity to gather and focus on addressing the moving pieces in a rapidly changing landscape for interprofessional education and collaborative practice.  They include:

The Nexus Summit is a unique gathering space for individuals, teams, and organizations working on aligned goals in IPE. As the Big Ten IPE Academic Alliance Group has demonstrated for the past two years, meeting at the Nexus Summit allows groups to come together, to keep together, and to work together. Contact Angela Willson at if your team would like to meet at the Nexus Summit with us.